Wacoal Launches ‘Fun Fun Week’, A Bra Dispensing Vending Machine

Wacoal Bra Dispensing Machine

Last week I reported on a shocking yet funny bra commercial for the Wacoal push-up bra. This week the company has unveiled a bra vending machine.

Wacoal is currently testing the bra vending machine at its Une NaNa Cool brand speciality shop in Shibuya, Japan.

The vending machine is currently stocked with the company’s wireless Fun Fun Week bras. Customers are provided with a sizing chart on the side of the machine and then the option to buy a bra with cash.

According to Wacoal it is hoping to streamline the bra buying process.

Some customers who have approached the vending machine have been hesitant to purchase a bra that may not fit perfectly upon acquisition.

The Una NaNa Cool Shibuya shop will host the bra vending machine until the end of the month. The next stop for the vending machine is the company’s Futako-Tamagawa branch in September.

Here is the sizing chart that is presented to potential buyers:

Wacoal Bra Dispensing Machine


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