Singer Lorde Fine Being Naked, Is ‘Sex Positive’

lorde naked

You may have heard Lorde’s current and omnipresent hit “Royals,” but you haven’t seen the star twerking on any awards shows, have you?

At just 17, Lorde is new to the churn of pop stardom — and perhaps still a bit fresh-faced. In a recent interview, she says that while she’s not known for overly sexy antics just yet, she also is mystified that her lack of such has been interpreted as a de facto judgment.

Lorde explains:

“People like to paint me in a certain way, but I’m a hugely sex-positive person and I have nothing against anyone getting naked. For me personally I just don’t think it really would complement my music in any way or help me tell a story any better. It’s not like I have a problem with dancing around in undies—I think you can use that stuff in a hugely powerful way. It just hasn’t felt necessary for me.”

If she sounds like an old hand, it might be because she’s spent a lot of her short life calling shots, she says — Lorde explained of her confident determination:

“It’s pretty mental, really. I made this music in New Zealand at 15 years old with my producer, who was 28—just these two random losers, really. Now all these people like it, and they care about what I have to say, which is nice, because I’m the weirdo for sure. For the most part, people have been really supportive. I feel very grateful … I’ve been involved with record companies since I was 12, so I’m no stranger to sitting in the boardroom and telling a bunch of people way older than me exactly how things need to be.”

You can read her entire interview over at V Magazine via ONTD.

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